Annual Forge Day Run 2022

Southern Section diary
  Southern Section diary

Seven Southern Section members with five bikes assembled in the early mid-September sunshine before heading off from Alton station café at 9.30 led by our stalwart ride planners, Mike and Lesley.  The first leg of the route took us away from the busy centre of Alton and through the more rural landscapes adjacent to the B3006 to Selbourne, and on to Liss, Rogate, and up and over South Harting Downs.
Changing our bearings to a more North-easterly direction, we started the route
back towards Chiddingfold, via Haslemere, and Dave Wright’s picturesque forge, located on at the most southerly point of Chiddingfold Green, where Dean (Chippy) and Lesley had already fired the BBQ up.

The ride-out group arrived at the forge around 11am with other members arriving independently shortly afterwards.  Under Dave’s watchful eye, ably assisted by a friend of his, Lesley Carpenter made a bracket for a hanging basket and Andy made a toasting fork. Lunch was soon in hand with 26 of us enjoying burgers and sausages while enjoying the warmth of the midday sunshine.
Concentration at the junction
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The forge is conveniently located opposite a pub, a café, and a convenience shop, all of which enjoyed custom from members of the BMW Club at various times during our day. Sarah is seen highlighting probably the only down-side of the Forge Day – how to get the artefacts, so lovingly created, home safely (for both artefact and rider!)  When some of us left at around 4pm, Danielle was still finishing off a coat hook.

Thank you to Mike and Lesley for bringing all of the food and arranging the ride, to Chippy for being the BBQ King, and to Dave Wright for once again opening up his forge and showing us how to craft bits of metal into useful objects.
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As a footnote to the Forge Day event, this has been a regular event on the Southern Section calendar for many years and is kindly provided by Dave Wright at no cost to the Club.
Just as a little perspective, if you want to buy a Forge Day Experience  online, they are  currently priced somewhere between £80 and £100. Just saying!