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  Southern Section diary

Unlike for the last event held at The Chiddingfold Forge, the sun was up and the sky was brilliant blue. This was an almost incongruous backdrop for a visit a modern day manifestation of Dante’s Inferno. Dave Wright, however, had generously offered his services to guide a group of total novices through the fundamentals of being a blacksmith for a day.

Mrs M and I looked forward to the social side of things at the Forge but had another prior mission - Curry Night research. We’d had a tip-off of an interesting Indian restaurant in Grayshott, just a few minutes from the A3, near

near the Southern end of the Hindhead Tunnel (more of which in the near future!).

Following our circuitous route to Chiddingfold was a delightful choice on such a beautiful day, and by the time we arrived, Chippy had the lunchtime barbeque in full flight. With limited space on the small green outside Dave’s forge, we soon found ourselves with burgers thrust into our hands, and enjoying the craic.
Burgers on The Green
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It wasn’t long before the forges had fresh life breathed back into them and Mike Smith was first to take up arms to master the firey dragons. Following Dave’s tutorial, during which he demonstrated how to draw-down a piece bright, hot, steel bar with a few, deft, hammer blows. Mike was left to give a very credible show of his interpretation of the Master’s work. The blacksmith’s art, using a few rudimentary tools, would best be described as ‘deceptive’ in its apparent ease, but Mike proved a good student, whilst Dean and Lesley Carpenter made it family affair with their son giving his first crack at hammer and anvil.
The Expert at Work -
(He normally uses a hammer!)
Smith by name...
There was a good turn-out for the day at the forge and thanks go to Dave for his endless patience and generosity, supplying not only his time, but the materials free of charge as well.
...and a Carpenter who wants to be a smith