Christmas 2016 
Lunch at The Half Moon

With Christmas just around the corner, the Southern Section did their very best to maintain their reputation for enjoying themselves with a celebratory lunch. Hosted at the Half Moon, Sheet, near Petersfield, there were over 40 members in attendance. The restaurant was beautifully presented and, with the sun shining through the extensive windows, the scene was set for a fun event. The menu offered a range of goodies including traditional turkey, lamb, or salmon. Served promptly and delivered hot, the food was to a high standard and there were very few dirty plates returned to the kitchen. Being the sociable animals that we are however, it wasn’t long before groups gathered between the tables for a natter completing a delightful afternoon.
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Godders finds that the gift from his Christmas cracker of a lady magnet did actually work.
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Chippy the red nosed reindeer