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  Southern Section diary

As we come to the end of the Winter season, glancing out of the window the sun is glinting off the waterlogged lawn in the garden. This is however, just a short interlude in the progress of the third named storm of the month.
In the Club’s events running up to now, we have enjoyed a variety of gatherings. The first event (12th January), James’s presentation about the history of Park Farm, destination for the famous Soup Run, was covered in a separate posting.
The annual Skittles event took place on another miserable January (19th) day at the Milburys. Despite the conditions there was a good turn-out of over twenty people who enjoyed two rounds of bowling and pub lunch.

A bit of early season magic from Robert Freeman
Return to events....
The second Winter Talk (26th January) was something of a new departure for the Section with a joint presentation with Vines of Guildford. Although limited to a smallish number of attendees the event was ‘sold out’ and opened by our own Robert Freeman, Club DVLA Representative, Club Archivist, and alter ego to The Jolly Jester (professional magician and all-round entertainer)!
The third Winter Talk (9th February) suffered something of malfunction when our booked speaker was unable to attend. Yours truly came up with the idea of a presentation about petrol entitled, Fuelled for Fun - An anatomy of the stuff between your legs! The illustrated talk explored petrol through safety, history, chemistry and engineering and received very positive responses for something that, on the face of it, could have been mildly soporific.
The 23rd February saw the now annual 10 Pin Bowling competition between the Southern and Oxford Sections. Details of the Section’s trouncing maybe available soon.
Outlining his background as a Master Baker, Robert then described how he transformed into his professional role in entertainment. He then moved on to the History of the BMW Marque in the UK. Needless to say, the event was hugely entertaining and culminated in a brief demonstration of part Robert’s stage show.  The second part of the event was a presentation by motorcycling journalist, Paul Blezard, describing his passion for ‘feet-forward’ motorcycling and off-roading. The talk was illustrated by numerous photos of everything from the BMW C1 scooter-with-a-roof, to the Reliant engined Quasar and the more exotic Swiss-built, K100 engined, Ecomobile. Blez’s presentation was probably the complete opposite to Robert’s but equally fascinating.
Blez and the Quasar
Winning smiles at the Milburys