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  Southern Section diary

Despite having rained virtually every day for a week, and with a final crescendo of non-stop and heavy rain overnight, there was a good turn-out for Godder’s run to The Verwood Heavy Horse Centre. Assembling at the ever-popular Loomies, around breakfast time on a sunny, Sunday morning, 30 July, among the chaos in the car park, we all found each other for a prompt 10.00am start.
Sunday breakfast at Loomies
While Susan and I were viewing a couple of the buildings, a couple were showing their sons around until they came to one house ‘where great granny used to live’. “Look that’s her.” He said, pointing to a woman in one of the display photographs.

We started to wend our various ways home, but not before a stop-off at a viewing point right at the peak of the Purbeck Hills.
Thanks go to Greg for leading a delightful ride through some of Southern England's finest countryside and  on to the intriguing Tyneham village.

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Initially, taking a route through the twisty roads of Hampshire, before joining the busy A31 dual carriageway, the run to Verwood took just short of 90 minutes The run itself was largely uneventful and, possibly because of the preceding week’s weather, the car park at The Heavy Horse Centre, comparatively empty.
The stars of the day were, without doubt, the heavy horses themselves. Beautifully kept, with diminishing demand for their services, many of these breeds are at risk of disappearing altogether without the husbandry of places like Verwood. In their lovely countryside setting, the Heavy Horse Centre offers a grand day out, particularly focussed at families. We enjoyed the visit with much time for socialising and wandering around the site.
One of the highlights was a fascinating presentation about the history of gypsies in the UK presented by a member of the Community.

As with many of our ride-outs, the ride home was governed by the needs of each individual, and ours re-traced much of the in-bound route, but taking us through the centre of Winchester and back home on the A31, via Alton and Farnham.  Our thanks go to Godders and other members of the Southern Section for a delightful day out.

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