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  Southern Section diary


The BMW Club Southern Section trip to Spain started over a year ago as a pin stuck in a map for the weekend of the 23rd of September - The MotoGP Aragon round, Alcaniz. Working backwards and forwards in time from that point, we arrived at an outline itinerary which was handed to HC Travel for extension into the trip that finally emerged. And what a result it was.

Gathering in anticipation - Cosham
For us, as organisers, this was such a momentous event  that it has resulted in verbal and pictorial overdrive. In order to maintain your interest, we have divided the report into daily sections. We hope you enjoy the read...                                  

Day 1 - Portsmouth to Bilbao

Day 2 - Bilbao to San Vicente de la Barquera

Day 3 - The Picos de Europa

Day 4 - San Vicente to Laguardia

Day 5 – Logroño and San Mateo Fiesta

Day 6 – Laguardia to Zaragoza

Day 7 – MotoGP

Day 8 - Zaragoza to Campo

Day 9 - Campo

Day 10 - Campo to Pamplona  

Day 11 – Pamplona to Bilbao and home