South Africa - a view from Winter

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  Southern Section diary

Gathering at The Village Hall, Rake, we were set for a treat from Erica presenting the story of the Section’s trip to South Africa last year. Personally, having missed the original presentation by tour organisers, SAMA, we had little idea of what to expect. The reality was quite a surprise. The South African scenery was stunning and the sight of the wild game in such close proximity to the group must have been a little disconcerting.

The riding appeared to be quite mixed with some metalled roads (of a standard that seemed quite familiar to Surrey riders!) to loose, dirt, being ridden from the wee small hours of the morning until occasional forays into darkness.

Erica’s presentation brought the enthusiasm for the whole tour to the audience with a number of questions rounding off the presentation.

...Including where to get the £9,000 to pay for two of us to go on the next trip?
An attentive audience
Group shot taken in the car park on a balmy (barmy?) March afternoon.
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