Arundel Soup Run 2019

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  Southern Section diary

The Soup Run, now established as a Section favourite, although a couple of weeks earlier than last year, the contrast in weather was wonderful. James had not only arranged a brilliant Spring day, but also a chance for a warming cup of coffee with the courtyard briefing before setting off from the Hinton Arms. 

Heading away from the Loomies-bound, street racers on the A272, we tucked ourselves away, down the quiet backwaters of the country lanes that top the Downs most of the way to Arundel. We had had prior warning of some dodgy surfaces and gravel carefully laid down to catch the unwary but, for most, this was all taken in our stride.

The Hinton Arms
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With sun streaming through the trees, still bereft of their foliage, the roads were largely dry creating some excellent riding conditions. Early into the ride we climbed some notable hills including Beacon Hill and Old Winchester Hill, where the road straddled a ridge offering views on either side across vast swathes of the downland landscape until dipping down to cross a couple of the major, predominantly North-South running, arterial roads.
Without excessive pace, the ride came to an end all too soon, as Chez Seller hove into view, laid back from the busy A284. Helen had been beavering away for possibly months to produce such a fine spread of homemade soups and cakes including, notably for some, gluten free options as a first for this year. With a couple of non-riding members joining us, Helen had successfully catered for 27 riders. As always, the Sellers made us very welcome, even roping their son, Thomas, into the working party ensuring such a delightful spread.
After lunch, we were giving a tour of the farm concluding in the top field with its stunning views of the South Coast from the Isle of Wight in the West, to Worthing in the East.
Many thanks go to all concerned for a truly memorable ride.