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  Southern Section diary

“Our table for 30, please, Mrs.Seller.” but this was no restaurant, this was real homemade soup, in 3 choices, Tomato and Basil, Butternut Curry, and Pea and Ham.  But this was only the final act of a delightful run.

James had not only arranged the run but seemed to have influence with the weather, too. The result was an excellent turn-out of 21 bikes meeting on Bahnstormer’s forecourt before heading out into the spring sunshine. The route was well planned, taking in many delightful, tree lined, lanes with their new season’s growth just starting to emerge.
A well supported run can create it's own issues
With James leading, we were taken through Hampshire and Surrey with a brief ice cream stop on top of the West Sussex Downs, overlooking the Goodwood race course.

We finally arrived at Chez Seller in Arundel, for the fabulous, not just soup of the day, but soups of the month. The socialising took place both around the kitchen table and in the warm sunshine of the back garden. As if home soup with crusty bread was not enough, Helen then produced enormous plates of home baked cakes too.

As the first full-blown ride out of the season, it was fabulous and our thanks go to Helen and James for putting such a great event on.          
2 April 2017

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Bahnstormer's forecourt in the sunshine
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Lovely weather for riding