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  Southern Section diary

We had 30 people willing to throw a few wooden balls down the alley at The Milbury in Beauworth, near Cheriton.  A good way to while away the winter blues.  The venue seems to be popular although it was decidedly chilly down the alley!  Fortunately we had a ballboy in the shape of Chippy’s son Lewis.  Meals were tasty - and 3 more members joined us just for the meal.  Unfortunately we learned that Martin, the landlord of the pub, is unwell and we hope he will recover soon.  Prizes were handed out to best lady and best man (Helen Seller and David Goldsmith), who were happy to carry their bottle home.  Not forgetting the etched wooden spoons to Lesley Smith and Richard Holmes.

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A good turnout for the Skittles Event
Lesley Smith receives the wooden spoon but still enjoyed the day!