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  Southern Section diary

The Milbury’s is a 17Century pub conveniently located in the middle of nowhere, but not too far from Beauworth, off the A272, at the Winchester end. It is a charming pub with the largest, welcoming fire that I’ve ever come across. Sort of, more bonfire than inglenook. The labyrinth of rooms off the main bar area included a small ‘hall’ with a 250 year old, man-powered, treadmill used to lift water from the 300 foot deep well. The well itself is covered by a rudimentary grid capable of stopping all but the smallest of children and dogs from falling in. Hang on to your bike keys when visiting.

A few steps further and you’re at the skittle alley, the very purpose of the BMW Club’s visit. We crammed our 36 members into the restricted viewing area with the usual bonhomie. Accompanied by the expected banter, the competition progressed with all visitors having a chance to demonstrate their prowess

at bowling the eccentric shaped balls down the alley, with gusto. Scoring was handled by Terry Hartshorn who managed to keep the event in some semblance of order, with each bowler having 2 rounds of 3 balls each, arriving at a combined number of pins knocked down. The final was decided by a bowl-off between those that had scored a perfect 18. At the conclusion of the 'bowl-off' the 2 victors were Ray Rex for the boys and Lesley Carpenter for the girls. Proving that we are all winners in the BMW Club , the wooden spoons were presented to Bernard Acworth and Margaret Saye for the lowest, respective, aggregate scores.

Eve Smith did a splendid job of coordinating the food with constant updates from the clearly overwhelmed kitchen. Lunch was finally served with everyone getting their food, not necessarily at the same time, but at least hot. The shortage of tables lead to little pockets of diners crouched round tables in various parts of the pub.

Lunch over and the skittles ‘Killer’ competition began. 1 ball, 1 skittle or more, or you’re out! More banter, more fun, until the winners were declared. The final winner, after some entertaing bowling, was Richard Tavener who won the entry kitty money.

The Skittles event was a great success excepting the absolutely foul weather preventing us from exploring the area outside of this charming pub. Thanks go to Eve and Greg Smith for organising this fun day out.

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A good turnout for the Skittles Event