The Ringwood Grand Prix 2022

Southern Section diary
  Southern Section diary

Obstinate mare and foal hogging the road!
In the UK it’s unusual to have to plan your riding kit around the risk of getting too hot. With the weather forecast for Sunday, 10 July, before heading out for the Ringwood Town Pedal Car Race however, that’s just what happened. There was a fair bit of choice on that day as well, with the Airhead Event at Sammy Miller’s, and several other ride-outs nearby, meeting up with our fellow Club members was the clear choice for us.
Meeting at Alton Station Café, Paul and Marion Matchett led the ride on their new K1600.
They followed a well-researched route that took us along meandering country roads weaving their way between numerous centres of population. As we wended our way further South, skimming the outskirts of Southampton, we finally found ourselves emerging from tree-canopied lanes into the savannah-like landscape of the glorious New Forest.
Pre-ride caffine fix
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The sun was now beating down as we rode the smooth tarmac that threaded its way across a wide green landscape maintained only by the ever-present grazing ponies and cows. With comparatively little traffic, the only real hazards were the crumbling edges of the road and the occasional beast wandering across our paths.  Having been to the New Forest many times before, it was a delight to find some different roads to explore.
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After a few final nadgery bends, we finally emerged onto the A31 as it entered Ringwood, and our final destination. The approach was sign-posted to the ‘Grand Prix’ circuit. The crowds we’d half expected failed to materialise offering us free-reign to park our small posse of bikes at will. With everything secured, we made for the shade of the nearby Furlong precinct and The Boston Tea Party bistro for a welcome lunch break.
Following our refreshment, the group wandered around to the nearest vantage point for to the main event, The Pedal Car Grand Prix. The sight of the hand-built pedal cars racing through the closed roads, wheel-to-wheel, was quite something to watch, with the final result closer to call than expected. Winner declared, we split onto our respective routes for a final ride home in the afternoon sunshine.
Our thanks go Paul and Marion for leading such an entertaining day.