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  Southern Section diary

Rake Village Hall played host to the final Winter Talk of the season presented by long-term Club member, Bruce Preston. Bruce has motorcycling running through his veins but how did the transfusion start?

Bruce outlined how his career was effectively kickstarted through his membership of the Club. At the tender age of 22, fresh out of National Service, he volunteered for the role of Social Secretary and then as Editor. It was during this period that one of his articles was ‘borrowed’ by Motorcycle Sport magazine and, to Bruce’s surprise, published in their magazine.
This opened the door for a career in motorcycling journalism, first with Motorcycle Sport, and then moving on, in a freelance capacity, to other publications.

Through his contacts, Bruce was later approached by the American Motorcycle Association to become a European tour leader for their members. This allowed him to do a George Osborn and run two jobs simultaneously, being paid both as tour leader and road tester at the same time!  Bruce was fortunate enough to be travel extensively, enjoying tours including, The UK, Europe, Southern Africa, and New Zealand. The range of bikes, scenery, and even wildlife featured in Bruce’s presentation was wonderful.

The presentation was supported by a bring and buy sale with a very full range, principally of clothing, displayed for sale at the back of the hall. 

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