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For some time the Southern Section has operated a Short Notice Ride-Out WhatsApp group.  This has proved very successful with a number of informal events both across weekends and mid-week. These are, as suggested, short notice events and in order to register a quick email to the Group Admin, Erica, will get you your pass to even more Club ride-outs. Inevitably, when events are scheduled, there will be quite a bit of traffic on the Group and in order to reduce the consequential intrusion into your electronic space, it is possible to mute the notification of any single group (or individuals!) so that your phone doesn’t keep pinging.


Recent events have included a ride from Hindhead, around the Surrey Hills to Silent Pool near Guildford, and on to Portsdown Hill overlooking Portsmouth. Another SNRO headed out through the Thames Valley around the Burford area.

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Two Southern Section club members recently test-rode the new BMW R1300 GS, taking the Triple Black demonstrator out from Bahnstormer Alton in back-to-back sessions one damp late October afternoon. This is the model with cast alloy wheels and a 19” front wheel. The test circuit was approximately 60 miles of varying roads, including some high-speed dual carriageway and tight twisties.


Whether gently trundling through the lanes or blasting up the highway, the riding position is comfortable and free of wind noise when the windscreen is fully extended. The feedback from both riders – one who hasn’t ridden a GS for a couple of years and the other a current owner of a 1250 GS – is that the bike is much improved in all areas. Naturally, with that new headlight design the visual appeal of the bike is subjective and may not put a smile on every face, however, it is recommended that you do not judge this model on looks alone!


The new, fully liquid cooled engine is free-revving and has a unique turbine sound that emanates as it “spools up”. There is ample torque at low revs to short shift and lazily plod along and, when stirred, progress is quick, quiet and smooth. Handling is remarkably agile and, compared to the outgoing model, the bike actually does feel like it’s lost more than the 12 kg weight reduction claimed by BMW.


For shorter riders an interesting option (not available to test on the demonstrator) may be the Adaptive Vehicle Height Control, which automatically lowers the bike at low or no speed and, when the bike starts moving again, the chassis rises to the optimum riding height. An added advantage with this new 1300 option is a jack tool that assists loading the bike onto the centre stand. The 1300 also introduces other new GS features such as the matrix headlight, electrically operated windscreen and adaptive cruise control, providing even more rider comfort and safety.


If you’re interested in more detail, just go onto YouTube and search BMW R1300 GS – the early reviews are out there now – or even better, visit your nearest Motorrad dealer to arrange your test ride!


Click this link for more information: BMW R1300 GS

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