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  Southern Section diary


When Southern met Oxford for the Bowling Challenge in February they said they were planning a rideout to Loomies, so we arranged to meet them there.
The day dawned bright, crisp and a bit chilly but with a forecast of temperatures in the high teens later in the day – amazing weather for March! 
Eleven bikes gathered in Wickham Square for a 10:30 departure and we set off on a roundabout route to Loomies.
Our route first took us across the top of the Portsdown Hills, with views over Portsmouth Harbour, then through Bedhampton and Havant, before turning north on the B2146 through South Harting to Petersfield. This road is a fun ride, winding through the countryside and villages, but was spoiled briefly today by a horse trailer, refusing to let us pass.
Early Spring start for Loomies Oxford Meeting
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In Petersfield we had a slight delay at the level crossing but were soon on our way up Bell Hill toward Street and on to the A32 (10mins from Loomies to the right) We crossed the A32 and headed for Ropley, where we met the A31 and turned towards the outskirts of Winchester. Here we picked up the A272 to Loomies, arriving at 12:00 as planned. Several others who had not joined the ride met us there. The guys from Oxford arrived a little later than they’d planned, but it was good to be able to sit outside and chat in the warm sunshine for the first time this year.
Super weather for a picnic