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  Southern Section diary

The morning dawned bright and heralded a sparkling spring day as the participants in the Ides of March navigation rally gathered at Alton Station café for distribution of route locations and clues. The rally had been resurrected from the annals of the Southern section and last run almost ten years ago.
Things got off to a variable start as the participants got into the swing of it. One entered the route co-ordinates in the wrong format and was heading for the Isle of Wight,
and then a few decided to search for the site of the 17 th century battle of Cheriton at the 20 th century war memorial in Cheriton village.“This is not going well” I thought, as I proposed a route to the ancient battlefield and memorial about a mile distant from the village. All were excused save for the cartographer, whose intuition over-rode his usual careful checking of co-ordinates.
A certain angst had descended upon the organiser However, things improved considerably as the group subsequently performed remarkably well to negotiate the lanes of Hampshire and arrive at the chosen pub in Clanfield at a respectable hour and in time for a sociable lunch, debrief and much leg pulling.
Alton Station pre-competition breakfast
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Three achieved full points and following several cunning tie breaker questions two of the teams could not be separated.
Congratulation therefore to Jon and Jackie and Mike and Lesley, worthy joint winners of this year’s rally
Now where is that trophy?