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A Winter's  Tale

With the weather doing nothing to encourage riding, there are still a few things worthy of 'proofing-up' and getting out for:

Gail's Sunday Lunch, 2 December, Meet at Fishers Pond, Colden Common, off the B3354, for a ride through the back roads to the old A27, then straight on to the Landford Poacher , on the A36 towards Salisbury. Departure will be promptly at 11:15. Alternatively you can meet Gail there at 12:00.

Christmas Lunch, 9 December
, The Half Moon. Sold out.

Club Natter Nights
continue over the Festive Period but it's worth a check to see who's going via Facebook, particularly if you're coming from afar. There's usually a few Wise Men around.
Gratuitous picture of Southern Section members eating and drinking (again)!