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Want to plan your future trips? Here's the 2018 Diary. (Click on the image to download the PDF to a new page - requires PDF Reader)
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More Exciting dates for the 2018 calendar
Group travel opportunities in the Southern Section seem to be a bit like buses, you wait for ages and then 3 come along at once!

BMW Motorrad Factory Visit - Berlin
2 to 12 July 2018
Lead by David Stevens, you will be riding from Calais, across Europe, to the home of our favourite marque of motorcycle.  On the outward journey, one night will be spent at the iconic Colditz Castle, now a high-class hotel. 
South African Tour
12 to 28 October 2018
Following the presentation by Nicole Berman of Sama Tours plans are afoot to offer a group tour of South Africa. Sama Tours are an authorised BMW Motorrad tour operator and offer a range of bikes for hire. Please see their website for further information

December 2017
Letter from Gerri

‘...we have our first Winter Talk on January 14th at Rake Village Hall. SERV are coming to tell us all about their blood runners..                           (More...)
A24 near Box Hill trying out our new camera in October 2017 .
Northern Spain  & Moto GP
16 to 28 September 2018

Starting with a cruise down to Santander from Portsmouth, the party initially heads west to the Picos de Europa mountains. Following a tour around the mountains, we head for Rioja with a non-riding day held over for sampling the local produce. We then ride south for the Aragon round of the Moto GP before running eastwards for a few days of touring the Spanish Pyrenees.
On arrival in Berlin, David has arranged an exclusive guided tour around the production lines, before returning through the Rhur valley with vists to the famous dams destroyed in the Dambusters raid.
Malvern Hills and Morgan Cars Hotel Weekend

We have finalised the plans for this exciting hotel weekend. Starting with  a leisurely ride-up to The Foley Arms, Great Malvern, on Saturday, 23 June. After a relaxing dinner and a good night's sleep, Sunday will start with breakfast followed by a day's ride around the Malvern Hills and the Welsh Borders rounded-off by dinner. Monday sees us checking out before a short ride to the nearby Morgan Car factory.  The Company has been owned a run by the Morgan family and has been hand-building their iconic cars since 1909. After a guided tour, we will have a light lunch before heading home. Interested? Please let us know.
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Surviving Winter
Four of the tenets of BMW Club membership are
Regular exercise
Healthy diet
Remain in your early twenties (for ever)
Lie about the first 3.
On the basis that number 4 is more likely for us than first 3, perhaps we should take the next Winter Talk seriously!
Heartstart is a training session run by The British Heart Foundation and they will be joining us at Rake Village Hall, Sunday 11 February, at 2.00pm to get us up to speed on the basics of Emergency Lifesaving. Get ready to get down and get learning.

10 Pin Bowling vs. Oxford Section
Carrying on from point 1, Sunday, February 18 sees us throwing down the gauntlet (or Dainese motorcycle glove to bring things up to date) to the Oxford Section at the Newbury Bowl, Newbury Leisure Park, Lower Way, Thatcham, RG19 3AL. Start time 12:00.