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Just can't get the quality of models these days but the merchandise is great.

Our model, Roberto, is seen here in the new Zipped Sweatshirt.  It's a lighweight fleecy jacket just right for wearing under the WPs. Order from the usual place. (We do get a commission from your orders to support the Club)
Recent Developments
23 April saw a lively AGM in Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway. Change was in the air and the meeting saw a significant development with the election of our first female President. Judy Lepley has a long history with the Club as Scottish Social Secretary and her election serves to underline the Club’s commitment to both its social side and its inclusivity.

BMW’s Headquarters had recently revised the brand’s corporate identity and had produced a new graphic device designed to carry the BMW Roundel in its new guise.
Dual badging is available on request for a small additional cost (modelled in the middle of Moffat High Street!)
Coincidentally, the Club’s regalia offering had seen a bit of a hiatus and, following the success of the Southern Section’s offering, Bob Melvin presented a proposition to move the national Club’s merchandise to our supplier, Redline Clothing. This was carried by the meeting and is now in the process of being implemented.

You will notice a couple of changes to our offering including the addition of sew-on 10cm badges with stickers to come shortly and, unfortunately, our first price increase since the launch of the scheme.  There is also the opportunity to have clothing with both Southern and National badges on for a small additional fee, on request.

The National Club merchandise will come online in the next few weeks together with some new colours for both ranges. Please keep your eye on the merchandise site for further developments.

Club Ride-Out Protocol

After some debate, the Club has agreed the terms of reference for a Ride-out Protocol.  Based on the already widely used Drop-Off System, by adhereing to these simple guidelines, every BMW Club riding member can enjoy the additional benefit for the Club's third party insurance covering the Group for any 'extra-riding' incidents. Please see details on the Protocols page.
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