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Section Charity Fund
Over the past couple of years we’ve started taking donations at each event as means of raising funds for the Section’s chosen charity. The collection of any funds is entirely voluntary and won’t be prohibitive at around a £1 an event. At the time of writing, the fund already stands at £119  in aid of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. The progress bar below, will be updated to keep you in touch.  

Visit the Hell Fire Caves 25 August
Calendar Photo Competition
Greg Smith is establishing a Southern Section Calendar Photo Competition for 2020. He has set up a Google Photo account for members to upload their photos, with each member to upload no more than ten photos. All photos are to be in landscape format and should contain yours or others BMW motorcycles in a location within the Southern Section area (Hampshire (including Isle of Wight), East Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire, West Sussex, South Berkshire). The closing date for submissions is 31st October 2019. After the deadline, a team of judges will choose the twelve best photos to be used for the monthly pages of the calendar, and one photo will be used for the cover with publication details to be announced later. 
Forward Planning

Llanwrst Mix n’ Match - Week Commencing 14 September 2019

Welcome to the BMW Club Southern Section Mix n’ Match Holiday. (For personal  security the details of the Mix n Match are password protected. Please email Bob for the  password) We are organising a week’s holiday in Llanwrst, a pretty village on the banks of the River Conwy, and gateway to The Snowdonia National Park, centred around the week commencing 14 September 2019.  There are all types of accommodation from camping and motorhome pitches, and static caravans, through to more opulent hotels. But what you choose to do is up to you. You can stay for the week or just a few days, take part in planned ride-outs, or make your own way, or do nothing at all in the company of other members.

We are putting this idea out early so that everyone has first choice of the accommodation available but once we’re together, there will be a daily gathering at a location in the centre of Llanwrst itself. When we start getting an idea of numbers, we will look at arranging a meeting place such as, Café Contessa, just a 10 minute walk, or short ride from each location, offering breakfast for those who want it, before heading out for the day.

This will work on the basis that you book your own accommodation at one of the suggested venues listed (or others if you want), then just let Bob & Susan plan some events. Please keep us in the picture to assist in coordination by email We look forward to hearing from you but better book early, there’s only 2 static caravans.

Bodnant Caravan Park and Campsite

The Eagles Hotel

Meadow Sweet Hotel

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Want to plan your future trips? Here's the 2019 Diary. (Click on the image to download the PDF to a new page - requires PDF Reader)
Southern Section Charity Collection 2019
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
Forthcoming Events:
Wednesday 10 July - Fish n Chip meet - Jack's at Bagshot (GU19 5HL) from 18.00
Erica's Ride-Out - Sunday 21st July A run to Sammy Miller's Museum in the New Forest to coincide with a Ladies Day event.

Sunday 25 August - On the last Sunday in August, the Bank Holiday weekend, how about a ride to a real den of iniquity?
Member Communications
At the AGM, Bob held a workshop with other Webmasters from the National Club exploring best practice in member communications. In this context, we realised that perhaps we need to promote some of the non-Facebook media available for keeping everyone in touch.

WhatsApp - for those not in the know, this is a free-to-use communications app that that requires you to opt-in to use for both incoming and out-going communications. It is encrypted and therefore, any information included in your correspondence is not accessible to hackers. One of the useful features of WhatsApp is the facility for creating groups that you can apply to the administrator (Erica) to join and can leave at any time you wish. The Southern Section currently has 2 groups - Short Notice Ride-outs, when you’re at a loose-end chuck an idea into the mix for a ride to somewhere and see if anyone wants to join you, and General Correspondence for any other subjects including, stuff about bikes, the weather, jokes etc. Download the app and find Erica’s details.

The Club Forum - Dik Langan from the East Anglian Section is working on a re-vamp of this important resource. This can be used for more open communications and, more importantly, for technical support, tool hire and many of the other facilities available for BMW Club members. Please have a look at this resource.
In the mid-18th Century, Sir Francis Dashwood, having founded The Dilettanti Society to promote appreciation of the arts, had toured Europe during which he developed a strong antipathy towards the Catholic Church.  Dashwood formed a society mockingly titled, The Brotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe, promoting his more liberal stance on morals.  The club motto was Fais ce que tu voudras (Do what thou wilt), and club activities included "numerous illicit activities including sex parties, drinking, wenching, and mock rituals". Sounds a little stronger than the average Club night at the Seven Stars. The society later became more commonly known as The Hell Fire Club and, looking for a suitable venue for its high society members, Dashwood commissioned the digging of The Hell Fire Caves close to his home at West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire.
The Hell Fire Caves are now open to the public but sans their earlier activities. Departing 10 for 10.30 from Newlands Corner. Please let Bob Melvin or Erica know if you’re joining us
The Southern Section New Clothing Range

Your Committee are delighted to announce a range of clothing featuring the all new Southern Section badge.

The subject of our identity has been under discussion for some time and having agreed on the design of the new logo, we are pleased to launch a whole range of clothing to go with it.
Available either screen printed or embroidered, as shown above, the range includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and  other merchandise, all featuring the great Southern Section logo. Prices shown on the shop page are all inclusive of postage and packing as well, so there's no surprises at checkout. The online shop is run on our behalf by Colin Wonford of motorcycle club regalia specialists, Redline Clothing.

The black t-shirt, delightfully modelled by Mrs. M, is a proof copy and the badge will raised modestly higher on the production shirts!

Your new clobber is just a click away.