Forge Day
30 October 2016

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Forge Day 2016

By Bob Melvin

We've often passed the quaint little cluster of buildings on the green at Chiddingfold without giving them a second thought. So, on Sunday 31st October 2016, when the opportunity arose not only to find out what happens in the forge, but have first hand experience as well, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

The forge is a business owned and run by Club member, Dave Wright, who generously gave up his Sunday to let us venture into his world of traditional skills which, having now tried them, verge on mystique. Dave generously let Club members loose on his 2 forges with materials supplied and his expert guidance, we were beating rods of red hot steel into all manner of shapes. Dave's patience was remarkable and within a short while, I had managed to produce a '3' whilst Susan produced the '1' to adorn our house to assist our postie on his rounds. Others made items ranging from decorative leaves to toasting forks. Chippy and others kindly supplied and cooked a barbeque lunch making the whole day a great experience.  (Newer + Older -)