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  Southern Section diary

After missing this popular event for a couple of years, the 2021 Forge Day was a roaring success.
Although a favourable forecast, the weather turned-out even more of a scorcher, attracting larger numbers than expected making this a real social event. Mike Smith had woven his magic, routeing and leading a ride-in from Alton Station to the Chiddingfold Forge, attracting around 10 bikes.  Other members had ridden to the Forge under their own steam resulting over 30 members present.
A well suported ride-in
The Forge itself is quite small and fortunately, the event became more about ‘social’ than ‘hammering’, with much of the event turning into a picnic barbeque on the beautiful setting of the Village Green.
The catering was something of a challenge having anticipated 20 visitors. The ever-canny Mrs. M however, anticipating the weather, had upped the numbers to a generous portioned 24, and with a bit of skilful serving, we managed to eek things out until everyone was fed and there was nothing left!
The Forge itself was kept occupied with Colin and Pauline working on their kettle crane before Chippy and Lesley took over, producing a very threatening pair of marshmallow toasting forks!
Our thanks go to Dave Wright and Mike for having donated their time and facilities for a great day’s event.
The barbeque was popular
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Watership Down and not a rabbit in sight
John enjoying the ride-in
Anything you can do...
Great turn-out - thanks to Mike Smith  for the route