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Bluebell Run
6 May 2018
There are some who may argue that the whole plan was a ruse to try out the new mount, the R1200GS. It’s easy to see how this could be interpreted that way but, believe me, the road....

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Compton Abbas Lunch Meet
10 June 2018
Meeting at Bahnstormer, Alton, the day started overcast and too early for us, arriving at 9.50am. The rest of party, it turned out, comprised of Erica and Paul who joined us about 15 minutes later...

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Great Great Malvern
23 - 25 June 2018
The route was perhaps, best described as ‘convoluted’, and having nearly given in to the lure of a quick run along the M4, it finally took us ....

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A Hot Day in Swanage
15 July 2018

Swanage is something of a classic British seaside town where sandy beaches, ice cream parlours, and fish n’ chip shops abound. Combining these features with the weather and the company, this was a day to savour

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Home Run
The Visit to the home of BMW Motorrad
2 to 9 July 2018
The tour centred around a visit to the BMW factory in Spandau, Berlin, en route it was proposed that we visit Colditz Castle, the 3 dams, and Nurburgring, making a circular route through ....

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Caen Staircase Ride
5 August 2018
..we concluded that it’s definitely not the sort of staircase to get right to the top of only to find that you’ve forgotten why you’ve come up it. Located on the Kennet and Avon Canal...

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Circuito de España 2018
16 to  21 September 2018
Sunday, 16 September, with autumn in the air, 13 travellers gathered in floodlit pools of light …

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Diamond Light Source
Open Day
10 November 2018
Half an inch, in old money’s worth, of rain had fallen overnight. The morning however, was classic Autumnal, bright, misty, and, with just a touch of leaf mulch.....

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Want to plan your future trips? Here's the 2020 Diary. (Click on the image to download the PDF to a new page - requires PDF Reader)
Milbury's Skittle Event
27 January 2019
The Annual Milbury’s Skittle Competition proved a great success once again. Gathering on January 27 without...

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Club Sat Nav Day
9 February 2019
This was the most sophisticated Sat Nav event we have done so far …..

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Winter Talk -
South Africa

7 March 2019
Erica’s presentation brought the enthusiasm for the whole tour ...

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Soup Run to Arundel
24 March 2019
Early into the ride we climbed some notable hills including Beacon Hill and Old Winchester Hill ….

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Godder's Ride to Herstmonceux Obersvatory
30 March 2019
So, it was all go for Godder’s ride to the Royal Observatory at Herstmonceux.  With a beautiful Spring morning and sunshine all the way …

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Cream Tea with all the lumps
May 19 2019
On the day, the more observant of our riders may have spotted us shooting past the café, en-route to the nearby roundabout, before returning …

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Royal Cornwall Show Weekender
In the hope that the weather would be warmer than in previous years and to coincide with the Royal Cornwall Show ...

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Prehistoric Breakfast Run - Avebury
23 June 2019
We set off following another of Mike Smith’s brilliantly prepared routes. What could possibly go wrong?...

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Dover Castle Tour
June 2019
Mrs. M needed her entire motorcycling wardrobe to cover every conceivable weather condition but we were only going for 2 nights..

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Brooklands Motorcycle Show
30 June 2019
Brooklands Annual Motorcycle show offers a unique opportunity for the Club to showcase itself to potential members. 2019 was no exception...
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Burseldon Brickworks Museum Run
18 August 2019
Burseldon Brickworks organised their Wheels, Wheels, Wheels event and this was a great opportunity for the Section to go and explore...
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Hell Fire Caves Run
25 August 2019
Well, it wouldn’t be a proper ride-out if we all arrived together without some sort of detour. ..
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Snowdonia Mix n Match Holiday
September 2019
The Snowdonia Mix n Match was planned casualness. A couple of hotels and a campsite  …
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Park Farm, The Soup Run, and a Brief History
12 January 2020
There was a remarkable amount of information about the aircraft’s mission, her crew, and her sad ending …

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Early Season Review 2020

As we come to the end of the
Winter season, glancing out of the window the sun is glinting off the waterlogged lawn in the garden. This is however....

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Barbary post-Covid 19 Picnic
12 July 2020
Club events had been decimated by the restrictions imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions were however, now beginning to be lifted and ...
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A Hampshire Bimble
9 August 2020

We led the way north through Alton, stopping to re-group  (as we thought) on the Odiham road .....

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Cleared for take off to Gatwick Aviation Museum
16 August 2020

Today’s ride was scheduled to run under extreme and adverse weather, sufficient to put a number of riders off altogether...

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Cornish Weekender 2020
29 August to 1 September

We were finally able to head to Cornwall for our annual caravan weekend ...

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