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Verwood Heavy Horse Centre
Despite having rained virtually every day for a week, and with a final crescendo of non-stop and heavy rain overnight, there was a good turn-out for Godder’s run to The Verwood Heavy Horse Centre. Assembling at the ever-popular Loomies, around breakfast time on a sunny, Sunday morning, 30 July, among the chaos in the car park, we all found each other for a prompt 10.00am start.
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Brackley Festival of Motorcycling
Chris Tite very kindly stepped up to organise a ride-out to the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling on 13 August at relatively short notice.
Bolstered by some extraordinary weather given that it’s August (!), Chris lead the team through a scenic route to the Northamptonshire Festival.....

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2017 Forge Day
20 August 2017
Unlike for the last event held at The Chiddingfold Forge, the sun was up and the sky was brilliant blue. This was an almost incongruous backdrop for a visit a modern day manifestation of Dante’s Inferno. Dave Wright, however, had generously offered his services....

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Frogmore Papermill visit
2 September 2017
Still trying to perfect the art of GPX file creation for the sat nav, I had produced the perfect route from Newlands Corner to the Frogmore Papermill museum, avoiding town centres and motorways. The secondary objective was ...

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Buckler's Hard run
17 September 2017
The direct route between Bahnstormer, Alton, and Buckler’s Hard is around 40 miles which, to say the least, would be a disappointing ride-out. Our planned route however, was nearer 70 miles and took in the full gamut  ...

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Shopping vs. Ride-Out
A weekend in Street
22 to 24 September 2017
It was a high risk strategy. A hotel weekend located next to one of the largest factory outlet shopping villages in the south of England. The conflict was.....

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SERV Wessex Winter Talk
14 January 2018
As our nominated charity for 2018, it was apposite that for our first Winter Talk of the year we invited SERV Wessex (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) to present to us. Steve Waters...

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HeartStart Winter Talk
11 February 2018
In our second of the Winter Talk series, a well-attended meeting at Rake Village Hall heard Roy Bayntun from the British Heart Foundation explain the fundamental approach to lifesaving...

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Southern Section 'Strikes' Again
28 January 2018
We had 30 people willing to throw a few wooden balls down the alley at The Milbury in Beauworth, near Cheriton.  A good way...

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10 Pin Bowling Event
18 February 2018
It soon became clear who knew which end to start playing from with Chippy cutting a swathe through his 2 games in double-quick time ...

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Frensham Onion Soup
8 April 2018
But we are die-hard motorcyclists and the show did go on. It was the now annual Soup Run, very kindly organised and, superbly catered for by Helen....

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Cream Tea Run 2018
22 April 2018
The roads chosen were almost exclusively country lanes, many with shafts of sunlight piercing the canopies of early spring foliage....

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Bluebell Run
6 May 2018
There are some who may argue that the whole plan was a ruse to try out the new mount, the R1200GS. It’s easy to see how this could be interpreted that way but, believe me, the road....

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Compton Abbas Lunch Meet
10 June 2018
Meeting at Bahnstormer, Alton, the day started overcast and too early for us, arriving at 9.50am. The rest of party, it turned out, comprised of Erica and Paul who joined us about 15 minutes later...

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Great Great Malvern
23 - 25 June 2018
The route was perhaps, best described as ‘convoluted’, and having nearly given in to the lure of a quick run along the M4, it finally took us ....

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A Hot Day in Swanage
15 July 2018

Swanage is something of a classic British seaside town where sandy beaches, ice cream parlours, and fish n’ chip shops abound. Combining these features with the weather and the company, this was a day to savour

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Home Run
The Visit to the home of BMW Motorrad
2 to 9 July 2018
The tour centred around a visit to the BMW factory in Spandau, Berlin, en route it was proposed that we visit Colditz Castle, the 3 dams, and Nurburgring, making a circular route through ....

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Caen Staircase Ride
5 August 2018
..we concluded that it’s definitely not the sort of staircase to get right to the top of only to find that you’ve forgotten why you’ve come up it. Located on the Kennet and Avon Canal...

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Circuito de España 2018
16 to  21 September 2018
Sunday, 16 September, with autumn in the air, 13 travellers gathered in floodlit pools of light …

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Diamond Light Source
Open Day
10 November 2018
Half an inch, in old money’s worth, of rain had fallen overnight. The morning however, was classic Autumnal, bright, misty, and, with just a touch of leaf mulch.....

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Milbury's Skittle Event
27 January 2019
The Annual Milbury’s Skittle Competition proved a great success once again. Gathering on January 27 without...

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Club Sat Nav Day
9 February 2019
This was the most sophisticated Sat Nav event we have done so far …..

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