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  Southern Section diary

In the hope that the weather would be warmer than in previous years and to coincide with the Royal Cornwall Show, Erica had arranged this year’s trip a little later than in previous years. 
Thursday 6th June - Ride to St Breward
Most people were making their own way to the accommodation at Rivermead in St Breward, Cornwall but Mike & Lesley met with Erica and Gerri at Rownhams Services and headed west on a beautiful but fresh morning.
Erica led us on a fairly direct route along the A31 and A35. The roads were clear, the sun was shining and the spring daisies were in abundance. We encountered a few drops of rain before a welcome and tasty lunch stop at The Otter in Honiton.
After lunch we headed across Dartmoor, dodging sheep, cows and horses and enjoying the open scenery and flowing roads. A road closure approaching Moretonhampstead necessitated an interesting diversion along tight, twisting lanes, giving us practice for the days to come….
The classic Cornish village
At Tavistock we pulled in for an ice cream and a chat to the Lady Mayor, who approached us in the car park. She was interested in what we thought of the town and why we were there.
Rivermead holiday accommodation is tucked away down a hidden lane on the edge of St Breward, but Sat Nav led us very close by and a preview on Google Earth meant that we found it without trouble (Erica had been there before, too).

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The Royal Cornwall Show
The classic Cornish village part II
Erica had booked a table in the village pub and by the evening everyone had arrived at Rivermead and we all set off on the 10 minute walk to the New Inn. The pub was very busy but the food and the service were excellent.
Friday 7th June - The Royal Cornwall Show.
We awoke to torrential rain. Some people had elected not to go to the show and were doing their own thing for the day .Erica had had the foresight to arrange a taxi to take us to the show, so we had to be up bright and early because he was picking us up at 6.15am in order to avoid the traffic.
The gates opened at 7am but the show didn’t start until 8am, so the stalls were shuttered and the place was deserted. It was still raining. We managed to find a coffee bar open and took meagre shelter until things started to come alive.
The day continued in the same vein – the rain didn’t ease at all and we spent the day hopping from one display tent to another and getting drenched in between. But we all had a thoroughly good day. The food, craft and floral exhibits were excellent and the adventure horse riding display in the main arena was made more impressive because they were performing in gale force winds and driving rain.

Gerri demonstrates her equestrian skills ...or was it a stunt performer?
The taxi was waiting for us at 3.30pm and we were all ready for a warm fire and a change into dry clothes before setting off for the pub again in the evening to compare “wet” stories over dinner.
Larry had ridden to the Eden Project and Godfrey & Chris, Nigel and Barbara had visited Bodmin Jail.
Saturday 8th June - Rideout
Today the whole group were together for a rideout, except Godfrey & Chris (Godfrey had previously suffered a nasty bump on his head and couldn’t get his helmet on, so they’d come in their car).
The day dawned dry but chilly and with heavy black clouds threatening more showers.
The first part of the route took in some more tight and twisty lanes with lots of blind bends, steep hills and even one or two hairpins, leading to our planned breakfast stop at Nice Baps, a famous roadside stop just outside Wadebridge.
Sadly, they were at the show and the shack was closed so we carried on, following the coast road to Tintagel where we found a very nice café for breakfast. Tintagel Castle was closed because the footbridge is being replaced so we moved on again, heading inland on a roundabout route to Jamaica Inn for more sustenance.
Our next stop was at Golitha Falls where we actually got off the bikes and walked along the river, before returning to Rivermead and another excellent evening meal.
Mean and moody weather
Sunday 9th - The Journey Home
Bright and sunny this morning.
We all loaded up our bikes, said goodbye to Barbara & Nigel (they were staying another night) and to Julie & Steve (the owners), and Erica led us on a winding route to the Lifton Farm Shop near Launceston, where we had a stonking good breakfast.

Mike and I decided to follow Larry on a winding route as far as Dorchester, but the others decided to ride straight down the A30 so we said goodbye and headed our separate ways. Larry chose a really enjoyable route along the fast and flowing A3072 from Okehampton towards Tiverton, then tiny country lanes from Bickleigh, through Collumpton, then the A373 to Honiton before rejoining the A35.

Despite getting very wet and cold on Friday and never really warming up again, a jolly good time was had by all.  Our thanks go to Erica for arranging a thoroughly enjoyable weekend even allowing for the weather and thanks also go to Lesley for her account of the ride, published here.
Erica appeared as her alta ego - a Cornish Piskie ..
but nobody noticed.
Boscastle - the sun did shine some of the time
Homeward bound