Burseldon Brickworks Museum Run 2019

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The brickworks at Bursledon was founded at the turn of the last century and was manufacturing bricks using the power of steam up until 1974. 

With the rising costs of local clay extraction, the ageing  processes with its health and safety implications, and a site split by the new M27 Motorway, the site finally ceased production.  Uniquely, the manufacturing processes had not been significantly upgraded during their working life creating a great foundation for a working museum. With the support of a National Lottery Grant,  The Bursledon Brickworks Museum  finally opened in 2012.

As part of the Museum's  programme of events, Sunday 18 August saw the presentation of their Wheels, Wheels, Wheels event featuring, well, anything with wheels! In addition to the steaming of the site's stationary steam engine, there will be classic bikes, cars, buses, and   a special Meccano exhibition Thanks go to Terry for organising this entertaining run and to Lesley Smith for the photos.

See the slideshow for a flavour of the day's events:.