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  Southern Section diary

Brooklands Annual Motorcycle show offers a unique opportunity for the Club to showcase itself to potential members. 2019 was no exception with Bob Denman and ChrisTite stepping up to the mark to represent the Club.

Initial thoughts about the allocated pitch were ones of disappointment apparently being a bit tucked out the way but it soon became clear that the location was actually a hot ticket being on the direct route for visitors coming from the car park.

The weather turned out perfectly with many visitors taking time to watch the Hill Climb Competition as well as exploring the many other stands representing one make and specialist interest clubs. The BMW Club attracted a good level of interest from both current and potential members.
The Iconic Clubhouse at Brooklands
While Susan and I were viewing a couple of the buildings, a couple were showing their sons around until they came to one house ‘where great granny used to live’. “Look that’s her.” He said, pointing to a woman in one of the display photographs.

We started to wend our various ways home, but not before a stop-off at a viewing point right at the peak of the Purbeck Hills.
Thanks go to Greg for leading a delightful ride through some of Southern England's finest countryside and  on to the intriguing Tyneham village.

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* Ian demonstrating just how steep the banking is.
* The Club display.
* Enfield Special
* On the hill.
* A view from the top