BMW R1250 GS - Alternative indicators that can actually be seen!


by John Martin


I love my 1250GS and won’t be rushing to buy a 1300GS. Amazing as the bike is, there are one or two things that, in my humble opinion, could definitely be improved upon. Most pressing is what I consider to be a safety issue. I really dislike the OEM multi-function indicators which came with the otherwise excellent LED headlight package. There are two issues with these indicators.


Firstly, the front indicators glow amber, as day running lights, and could easily be mistaken for an operating indicator by a motorist who looks, but doesn’t properly see. There is a chance that the motorist could be encouraged to pull out of a junction, seeing the bike but thinking it is turning.


Amber DLRs are probably OK for our brothers over the pond, where the use of amber DLRs is normal, but I am not sure I want to be part of the experiment to introduce them to the European market. I have a Honda which has them too - but I can’t turn them off!




With the tail lights on, the indicators, a relatively small orange LED, are very much overpowered by intensity of the red LED lights. Add the brake lights into the mix and the indicator is nigh-on invisible. Colleagues riding with me regularly commented that they simply could not see my direction indicators in bright conditions, especially with the brake light illuminated. The situation has been made even worse by BMW deciding to delete the main tail light function from the 1250 - and removing the centre light entirely on the 1300, to facilitate the radar unit.


When I was scanning through YouTube, as you do, I came across an engineer called Carl, with a channel called “Just the way it is”. He had found a solution for his 1250 Rallye by replacing the indicators with an after-market product (Carl also does a fabulous explanation of the BMW dynamic ESA system settings). The product Carl was demonstrating struck a chord with me and I have decided to go down the same route.


Carl, and I, have fitted Weiser Technic ( replacement indicator units to his machine Carl has also produced a terrific, very simple to follow, step-by-step installation You Tube video.


The Weiser indicators have much brighter LEDs than stock, delete the amber DLRs and show a bright white light to the front as DLRs. The DLRs alternate white and amber when the indicators are functioning.




The rear indicator elements are now much brighter, with the amber lit area covering the whole area of the indicator unit instead of the very small amber component of the stock units. Additionally, when the indicators operate, the amber alternates with the red light of tail and/or brake lights.


In practice I, and my colleagues, have hailed the new indicators as a huge improvement. The improvement to the lighting, and thus safety, is huge but, since I fitted my indicators, Weiser has now produced a slightly cheaper option, using the stock indicators. They have produced small plug-and-play modules which plug in-line with the stock indicators wiring, using the same plugs as BMW. The modules delete the amber DLRs at the front and cause the rear indictors to flash alternately with the red of the brake/tail lights – making the amber LEDs much more conspicuous. I have not seen or tried these modules but anything which improves the OEM indicators have to be applauded.



Now I must stress here that I have absolutely no affiliation with the product or the company and paid full RRP for the product I fitted. I just happen to think it is a great solution, which has recently got even easier and cheaper.