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  Southern Section diary

HeartStart Presentation from the British Heart Foundation
In our second of the Winter Talk series, a well-attended meeting at Rake Village Hall heard Roy Bayntun from the British Heart Foundation explain the fundamental approach to lifesaving following cardiac failure. It was a packed programme covering from first on the scene response, through to the use of PAD’s, (Public Access Defibrillators) and tourniques.

Initially, we were taken through the basics, starting with Dr.’s ABC, a mnemonic aid to remembering the basic procedure.
Danger - assessing the scene to remove the source of danger from the patient without putting yourself in danger.
Response - checking the patient for alertness by talking to them and by physical stimulation.
Shout - for help, getting somebody to phone 999. In the event of being in a blackspot for your mobile phone’s service coverage, a 999 call will always route via any other network. 
Airway - check for a clear airway and tilting the head back, gently to bring the tongue forwards.
Breathing - check the patient for normal breathing. If they are breathing, turn them into the recovery position. If not,
CPR may be required. Using chest compressions at the rate of 120 compressions per minute with the suggestions of using either the beat of the song, Nellie the Elephant (ask your grandparents!) or, The Beegees song, Stayin’ Alive (Ask your parents!). The presentation was illustrated by video and graphics with the CPR demonstration using Vinnie Jones proving an excellent opener.
CPR requires vigour!
Following a short break, Roy continued his presentation, first discussing the particular needs of children with breathing and cardiac failure, before moving on to copious bleeding and catastrophic bleeding incidents and their control.

Although a very serious subject, the whole presentation was slick and, with a degree of levity, left the audience with the confidence to tackle the unexpected, should it ever occur. Our thanks go to Roy and the British Heart Foundation for an enjoyable afternoon. 

Gerri, not after too long in the bar, but  volunteering for a demo of the recovery position.
Roy demonstrates a defibrillator
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